I spend my time hallucinating made up scenarios involving my imaginary friends, and if something interesting happens, I write it down.

Or, I’m an author.

But the hallucination thing sounds way more interesting and will probably keep non-writer types on their toes because am I crazy? Who even knows?

I’m currently working on my first novel, A Wild Power, which is Young Adult Fantasy fiction.

I’ve actually written a whole draft, so now I’m doing some revisions and editing. Other writers will know this means I’m mainly eating carbohydrates and crying because why can’t it just write itself and be done already? I mean, I wrote a whole draft, was that not enough?

When I’m not writing fiction, I love reading about imagined lands and adventures, gaming, and dissecting the latest TV shows. Or just watching Brooklyn 99 for the ten millionth time, I’m cultured like that.

Food is life.

I also like to eat all the food. Please enjoy this picture of me eating cheese, which I’m told is not actually how you write a book, but I did it anyway.